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Patient Safety Reporting

Patient Safety Reporting

Event-driven clinical reporting.

IMC Patient Safety Reporting applications enable field medical professionals to observe patients and clinical trial participants in real-time for Serious Adverse Events (SAEs).

On-demand access to patient outcomes such as reactions to medicines, fluctuations in vital signs, and changes in mood, helps practitioners improve the quality of treatment assessments and drug discovery analysis.
IMC developed the Serious Adverse Event Tracking and Reporting System (SAETRS) to meet regulatory requirements for detecting and reporting Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) that can occur during clinical research.
Patient Safety Reporting features/benefits:
  • SAETRS intuitively guides users through workflow processes, so virtually no training is necessary
  • Complies with FDA reporting mandates and easily adapts to changing regulatory requirements or safety needs
  • Offers flexibility and scalability for all government health departments and private healthcare organizations
  • Monitoring helps detect, assess, and understand adverse events in a timely manner
  • Reduces time needed for notification and reporting from days and months down to minutes
  • Data is automatically stored with relevant clinical trial results for analysis within the context of the original study
  • SAETRS can be deployed with little up front time and cost
IMC's Electronic Safety Reporting Notification System solution (SAFR NS) was a finalist in the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2009 Best of Show competition. The Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2009 Best of Show Awards are for new products that incorporate innovation with new health technology for life sciences research, discovery, and clinical trials process.  Entries are judged by Bio-IT World magazine editors and leading industry experts.

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Patient Safety Reporting